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I began practicing meditation in the 1970s. There was a consciousness shift taking place in health care at the time and the American Holistic Medical Association had just been established at Harvard University. I got my inspiration from Michael Samuel’s book Seeing With the Mind’s Eye (I never imagined that 20 years later I would be writing books with him!) and by meeting pioneers of holistic medicine, such as Bernie Segal. I felt centered and at peace through meditation. Wanting to share my experience, I taught the techniques in my nursing profession, using guided visualization and the relaxation response to help patients let go of stress and anxiety.
When I moved to Gainesville, FL, I began taking Hatha Yoga classes. To me, yoga was meditation in motion. As I practiced, I experienced a deepening awareness of how my body’s healing was intimately connected to my spiritual path.
In February 2010, I completed a month-long teacher training at the Inspiration Yoga Institute in Alachua, FL and received my 200-hr RYT certification. The yogic lifestyle taught me to slow down and move through time with grace and devotion. It was a transformative experience.

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In the summer of 2010, I had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Shiva Rea and all of her divas in Santorini, Greece. I felt like I was 25 all over again! We practiced on a beautiful patio overlooking a volcanic crater, with the gentle breeze and sunshine. I experienced a phenomenal union of the body and the spirit. Shiva Rea is larger than life, personable, friendly and supportive. I appreciated how she honored everyone’s beauty.
I suggest yoga for anyone who wants to feel grounded in body and in touch with Self, while experiencing the beauty and pleasure of gentle movement. Yoga transforms your relationship with your body, mind & spirit and with food and nature. Our bodies have a powerful innate capacity to heal themselves. Tapping into the spiritual body and integrating it with the material body through yoga practice is a tremendous healing experience.

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