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Faculty > Mary Lane, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor

University of Florida
PO Box 100187
Gainesville, FL 32610-0187

Teaching: Dr. Lane teaches Creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare, an interdisciplinary course for undergraduate and graduate students. She teaches summer intensives in Arts In Medicine and lectures internationally on implementing the arts in healthcare settings.
Research: Dr. Lane did her thesis on Art As a Way of Healing, a hermeneutic phenomenological study on the lived experience of using art and guided imagery with patients at end of life and with life threatening illness. She has researched creativity in bone marrow transplant unit. Her research focus is creativity and spiritual interventions as advanced nursing therapeutics.
Service: Dr. Lane was director and founder of Shands Arts In Medicine, a world-renowned program and model for Arts In Medicine programs worldwide. She helps set up Arts In Medicine programs worldwide. She was on the board of directors of Society of Arts in Healthcare and chaired their annual international conference. She belongs to The Center of Spirituality In Healthcare and the Center of Arts in Healthcare, Research and Education.
Clinical practice area/expertise: Dr. Lane is a consultant in program implementation in facilitating creativity and Spirituality in Healthcare. She does guided imagery, creative art processes and group dynamics for health promotion.
Education: Dr. Lane received her BSN and PhD in Nursing at the University of Florida. She received her MSN in Adult health Nursing at Boston College.