Mary Rockwood Lane Ph.D., RN: Keynotes, lectures, and workshops in: Body, mind, spirit healing, Creativity and Healing, The Contemporary Shaman

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Body, mind, spirit medicine  for patients with cancer and life threatening illness and their families
Body, mind, spirit medicine  for caregivers, physicians, nurses, psychologists, etc.
Guided imagery,  Art and healing  (patient, families, and caregivers)
Creativity and healing  (patient, families, and caregivers)
Healing your life, using medicine wheels to create sacredness and balance
From darkness to light:  experiencing spiritual transcendence in your life
The Contemporary Shaman: Using intuitive and mystical tools to heal
Going inward: Finding out who you are and manifesting what  you want
Path of the Feather workshops and lectures, using medicine wheels and spirit animals for healing your life and manifesting what  you want.
Path of the Feather method of saving habitats and animals through a spiritual vision of nature
Walking the Path of the Feather: creating sacred space, answering your questions and manifesting what you want.
Creativity in business:  how to use guided imagery and art to become the most creative person you can be
Guided imagery in business: using your minds eye to invent new products and achieve your goals
Path of the Feather business workshops, making medicine wheel to achieve a sustainable business future.

Previous lectures

Keynote, Vancouver National Arts and Medicine Initiative, Simon Fraser University
Transpersonal Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Monterrey California:
Keynote,  Institute of Noetic Sciences, and John F Kennedy University, San Rafael, California
Esalen Institute, workshops in guided imagery,
Hollyhock, workshops on healing and medicine wheels
Omega institute, workshops on guided imagery and healing
University of Vermont Medical School and Dartmouth Medical School, Art In Medicine
Vermont state arts initiative, University of Vermont Medical School
Qualitative Health Methodology,  Dorchester England ,
Qualitative Health Methodology Vancouver Canada,
Qualitative Health Methodology Banff, Canada,
Spirit Body Healing  workshop,  Athens Greece
World wide woman's conference, Tinos Greece, 1996-99
Keynote, Brown University, Art In Medicine Providence R.I
Rhode Island School Of Design, Providence R.I, Art In Medicine
New York University Medical School, Art In Medicine
South Carolina Behavioral Medicine conference, Art In Medicine
Art for healers, Sante Fe, New Mexico
Keynote, Commonweal, Bolinas, California.  Art and healing invitational conference
Winterhaven Hospital nursing program
Tampa General, University of South Florida
College of Nursing, University of Central Florida
International Conference on Cancer Nursing Vancouver, Canada
International Qualitative Health research Vancouver, Canada
University of Pennsylvania, Qualitative Health research
Lake City Community College, nursing program, Art In Medicine
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, Qualitative Health Care methodology
University of California Medicine School, San Francisco, Art In Medicine
Keynote, San Francisco Art Institute, Art and Healing
Keynote, Marin General Hospital, Art In Medicine . San Rafael, California,
Alternative Healthcare, Orlando Florida with Duke University medical school
Medical Humanities, Washington, D.C.
WinterHaven Nursing research
Savanna southern nurses conference.
South Eastern Nursing conference, Charleston
Dec. 1996 Clinical Behavioral Medicine, 2000 people, art and healing and a one day workshop on helping people with cancer use medicine wheels and spirit animals.
Keynote, The Hope Center Providence, R.I. Art and healing for cancer patients and their families, guided imagery, support, attitude, love. See into your brightest place.
Keynote, Galveston College, Galveston Texas

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