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"Spirit Body Healing is filled with the truth about how spirit—and the creativity through which it is expressed—can heal us. I was very moved by this powerful book."—Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
"Dr. Michael Samuels provides us with new tools and ways of thinking about our capacity to heal. He has been a wonderful teacher for me and can be for you. . . . His work is inspiring."—Bernie Siegel, M.D. author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles
"In this tender and caring book, we are reminded that healing is a creative process. These heartfelt stories and beautiful visualizations inspire the reader to see all life as a healing journey."—David Simon, M.D., Medical Director of the Chopra Center for Well Being; author of Vital Energy and Return to Wholeness
"Dr. Michael Samuels is one of the leading pioneers in exploring creativity as an important part of every person’s healing journey." —Dean Ornish, M.D., author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

From the Inside Flap
Spirit Body Healing is a revolutionary program designed to heal and inspire.
A pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Dr. Michael Samuels has joined forces with a major authority on creativity and healing, Mary Rockwood Lane, to explore the power of the spirit-mind-body connection. Based on a landmark seven-year university study, Spirit Body Healing is the first book on spiritual healing to emerge from a research study in a major university healthcare center. By showing us how to deepen the spiritual dimension in our daily lives while doing easy visualizations and meditations, Drs. Samuels and Lane teach us how to help heal physical, emotional, and spiritual illness.
With Spirit Body Healing, we go to a place of healing, beauty, and grace where we get in touch with our own spirits and the higher power that has meaning for each of us. Filled with inspiring, beautifully written stories, Spirit Body Healing reveals the eight steps of spiritual healing.
1. Go into Darkness
2. Go Elsewhere 3. Find Your Turning Point 4. Slip through the Veil 5. Know the Truth 6. Embody Your Spirit 7. Feel the Healing Energy 8. Experience Transcendence
Whatever your spiritual orientation, Spirit Body Healing offers practical, prescriptive methods that show us and our loved ones how to create immediate changes in our lives—now.